WBEC Ridderkerk Groups A & D test started with...............

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WBEC Ridderkerk Groups A & D test started with...............

Post  Leo Dijksman on Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:38 pm

Group A:
Lime 66
Alex 1.7.6 (testing 1.7.6 now, newer versions have to many problems at this PC)
Amundsen 0.70.1-x64
BiBiChess 0.5
BikJump 1.8-x64
Chaturanga 2.3.5
ChessAlex 2.0-r4
ChessRikus 1.4.66
Eden 0.0.13u Java
Enigma 1.1.4
J.S.BAM 0.52
King's Out 0.2.42
Marquis 0.1.5
BigLion 2.23w
Smash 1.0.3
TSCP 1.81
Gerbil 0.2
Yoda 2.09

Group D:
Atak 6.0
Beaches 2.29
Bestia 0.90
Clarabit 1.01b2-x64
Dimitri 2.01wbe
Dreamer beta
Geisterauge 0.07
Xpdnt 080927
Gully 2.16 pl1
HoiChess 0.12.0
Matilde 2008-x64
Mediocre 0.332 uci
Numpty 0.22-pr
Prophet 2.0
Roce 0.0380
Roque 1.1
TJchess 0.121-R
FireFly 2.5.3b2-x64

I hope the versions are up to date Smile

Goodluck to all,

Leo Dijksman

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