WBEC Ridderkerk Promotion results..

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WBEC Ridderkerk Promotion results..

Post  Leo Dijksman on Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:27 pm

Both engines, Brutus and Garbochess promoted from the 4th to the 2nd division!
Congratulations to Stephan and Gary!!

Promotion matches Brutus: (Qualified for 2nd division!)

Brutus 7.02-x64 0==1 2.0 / 4 Anatoli 0.43
Brutus 7.02-x64 =111 3.5 / 4 PostModernist 1016
Brutus 7.02-x64 0110 2.0 / 4 Amyan 1.59.7

Promotion matches Garbochess: (Qualified for 2nd division!)

Garbochesss 2.20-x64 1111 4.0 / 4 PostModernist 1016
Garbochesss 2.20-x64 101= 2.5 / 4 Anatoli 0.43
Garbochesss 2.20-x64 =101 2.5 / 4 Amyan 1.59.7

Crosstables and pgn on the WBEC homepage.

Enginelist, latest updates/new engines:

Updated: Myrddin v0.82
Updated: Norm's pgn utilities. ("ecoExtract", "ecoList" and "ecoPlayer" updates, see the updatenotes.txt for more!)
Updated: Chesley r288-JA!

Updated: Chesley r288-sources!
Updated: OliThink v5.2.1 (New: Java version!)
Updated: Tarrasch v0.906 (UCI. Engine update!)
Updated: GNUChess 5.07.4b (also sources and a x64 version from Dann Corbit!)

Best wishes,
Leo Dijksman

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Re: WBEC Ridderkerk Promotion results..

Post  Stephan Vermeire (Brutus) on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:30 pm

Great result!

So no upgrade was needed anyway... Very Happy
Stephan Vermeire (Brutus)

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