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WinBoard 4.3.15 released

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WinBoard 4.3.15 released Empty WinBoard 4.3.15 released

Post  H.G.Muller Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:06 am

The new WinBoard 4.3.15 can now be downloaded from the WinBoard forum.
Most important change is that WinBoard now supports a GUI book in Polyglot format,
which both WB and UCI engines can use. WinBoard 4.3.15 support extensions to the WB
protocol that allow the user to interactively set standard options on UCI engines
(through a new version of Polyglot that also supports these commands), as well as
on native WB engines that support this feature (the memory, cores and egtpath

WinBoard 4.3.15 released Petite

Also new is that the WinBoard executable is now bundled with the matching Polyglot
executable, as well as the PSWBTM tournament manager. The bundle also contains two
pre-installed sample engines (one WB, one UCI), an opening book, Nunn and Silver
start positions and board texture bitmaps, all ready to run.

As this release is mainly an xboard release, there aren't too many other new
features, although there are some:

New command-line options:
* /rewindIndex=N for replaying a game or position file after a given number of games
* /sameColorGames=N for holding matches where the same player has white on all games
* /egtFormats="..." informs the engines where to find tablebases and bitbases

New menus:
+ nr of CPUs for SMP engines can be set in the UCI options dialog
+ Time-odds factors can be set in time-control dialog
+ Own book options can be set in UCI options dialog
+ Absolute engine scores can be indicated in the engine options dialog
+ Superchess added to variant menu

General enhancements
# WB engines can use the GUI book
# auto-increment mode for the game and position index in match mode, so that all games
of a match can start from different positions
# supports WB-protocol extensions memory, cores and egtpath. (See updated WB protocol specs.)

WinBoard 4.3.15 released Chessmark


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WinBoard 4.3.15 released Empty Re: WinBoard 4.3.15 released

Post  Leo Dijksman Sat Jan 03, 2009 9:35 am

Thanks Harm!!
Leo Dijksman
Leo Dijksman

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