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New engine matches (NEM) results....

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New engine matches (NEM) results.... Empty New engine matches (NEM) results....

Post  Leo Dijksman on Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:45 pm

New engine matches (NEM) results.... WBEC_logo1small

Qualify match results:

Tornado 3.16-2cpu for the Premier div: (not qualified!)

Ktulu 9.0 1111 4.0 / 4 Tornado 3.16-2cpu
Tornado 3.19a-x64-2cpu 1=== 2.5 / 4 ChessTiger 2007.1 (4th game= Tornado 3.16-2cpu!)
Jonny 3.07b-2cpu 1=1= 3.0 / 4 Tornado 3.16-2cpu
Tornado 3.16-2cpu qualified for the 1st division!
WaDuutie playing for the Premier division now!

Rodin 2.3a for the 4th division: (qualified!)

Rodin 2.3a 1== 2.0 / 3 Chispa 4.03
Rodin 2.3a =011 2.5 / 4 Tinker 7.20-x64
Eeyore 1.49i 01=1 2.5 / 4 Rodin 2.3a
Rodin 2.3a playing for the 3rd division now!

Crosstables and pgn on the WBEC homepage.

Enginelist, latest updates/new engines:

Updated: BremboCE v0.61 (Java!)
Updated: Dabbaba 2.32-wb-JA

Updated: Chesley svn r269-JA compiles!

Best wishes,

Leo Dijksman
Leo Dijksman

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