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STS (v3.0) - Knight Outposts/Centralization/Repositioning... Released

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STS (v3.0) - Knight Outposts/Centralization/Repositioning... Released Empty STS (v3.0) - Knight Outposts/Centralization/Repositioning... Released

Post  Swaminathan Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:49 am

Chapter 3 Of the Strategic Test Suite: Knight Outposts, Centralization and Repositioning is now available for download.

* Consists of carefully selected 100 questionairres on Knight OutPosts/Centralization/Repositioning

* All of the questions in this test suite are selected by me and thoroughly verified by Dann Corbitt. Each question has been analysed by top engines for hours.

* All the answers carry similar traits:

    (1) A Knight move to take control of the center or posit itself in the center. (Centralization)
    (2) A Knight move to step back and reposition itself to lead the different (or better) path. (Repositioning)
    (3) A Knight move to take control of the opponent's weak squares (Outposts)

I initially selected about 190 problems and sent them to Dann, of which 100 has passed criteria. Dann made the final selection and done all that analysis with the help of the engines.

Recommended time: Anywhere between 10 seconds - 2 minutes for each test.

Download it here: STS 3.0

Feel free to report the results from your engine/ favourite engine, suggestions are welcome.

Special Thanks to Pedro Castro, Allard Siemelink, Zach Wegner for the testing and correcting mistakes throughout the process. And Thanks to those who reported bugs and tested out the V 1.0 of the test suite called "Undermining", and v2.0 called "Open Files and Diagonals".

And Extra Special Thanks to Ulysses for creating the beautiful logo!

Test Suite Released time: 3rd of June, 2009
Swaminathan and Dann Corbit.


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