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Scorpio 2.6 JA available

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Scorpio 2.6 JA available Empty Scorpio 2.6 JA available

Post  jim ablett Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:11 am

Scorpio 2.6 JA available Jszk2f
Scorpio 2.6 (wb) JA by Daniel Shawul

Windows/Linux 64/32 Intel p.g.o compiles.


* Official release of cluster version of scorpio. Many changes have been
made since the last beta release. I can not list all of those changes here
so I will let those interesed to go look the commit history here http://github.com/dshawul
Every change I made to scorpio is recored in there from now on.

* The serial version of scorpio is also worked upon so I expect a couple of elo
points stronger but not by much. All of my changes are search changes (eval is identical
to previous version). I want to see how far I can go with this before I tune/add evaluation

- Major bug in SEE (have been there since 2.5) fixed.
- 0 check extensions in search.
- Modified futility pruning
- Double reductions at PV nodes too
- Max aspiration window of 200 and probably many other small changes
For detailed changes look at the commits ...

* Evaluation is untouched but I have set it up well for my next project , which is tuning.
Many parameters are modifiable using the new winboard "options feature". Scorpio can be
configured from ini file, command line or the new winboard options window..


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