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New Winboard Engine 'Kenny' - JA builds available

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New Winboard Engine 'Kenny' - JA builds available Empty New Winboard Engine 'Kenny' - JA builds available

Post  jim ablett Wed Jan 09, 2013 1:38 am

New Winboard Engine 'Kenny' - JA builds available Logovgz

Kenny (WB) by Kenshin Himura *(Sudarsan Balaji)*

Kenny is a Winboard/XBoard chess engine based on Winglet, an open source chess program.
Winglet's full source code can be obtained from [Winglet](http://www.sluijten.com/winglet/source/index.htm).

Kenny is an advanced form of Winglet which plays better at some faster time levels like blitz chess or up to
20 minute games, but almost always loses against Winglet when the time controls are 40 minutes or more for each.
These tests were run by setting up various tournaments on the free Chess GUI Arena Version 3.0.
Kenny uses modified values for evaluation of various parameters, thus introducing almost an entirely new engine,
because the evaluation function is the heart of a chess engine.

* Better board representation using fully object oriented programming using proper class heirarchy (probably in
an entirely new repo)
* Modification of the evaluation function to a better one (pending some neural networks analyses on my side)

* Windows/Linux 64/32 bit
* Src code ported to Gcc


Seems quite strong. It was winning games against Dragon in my short test.

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